Friday, January 11, 2013

Dutch Oven - Cooking When The Lights Go Out!

Post and Pictures by Marilyn

When: Saturday, Feb 9
Time: 10:00
Where: 6550 Cowboy Trail
(215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV)
(Look for the Cowboy & Address out front and drive thru to the back gardens)

What would happen if your power in your home went out ? How would you FEED YOUR FAMILY?

The answer is with a "DUTCH OVEN" . . . What is a "DUTCH OVEN" ? A very old and versatile tool; something your grandmother probably had more than one of.

Learn how easy and resourceful a Dutch Oven can be. We will demonstrate how to start a fire (outdoors, of course) without matches ; then cook a full 3-course meal.

Join us for a fun and tasty way to prepare for an emergency situation. You'll taste how good and easy cooking with a dutch oven can be. Samples will be served!

Donation : $10pp / $15 couple

Questions? Contact Marilyn --

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