Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organic Edibles - Canning Class "The Sweet Gift of Jams and Jellies"

Post by Marilyn, Picture from relativelyrecipes.com

What: The Sweet Gift of Jams and Jellies

When: Saturday, September 17, 2011 8:30 AM

Price: $30.00 per person

Where: Cowboy Trail Farm
6550 Cowboy Trail NW - off 215 & Bradley
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Our 3rd Food Preservation Workshop will be Saturday, September 17th. Join us and learn how to can your own jams and jellies for gift-giving. The holidays are just around the corner and a basket full of jams and jellies is the perfect gift. We will be using USDA approved recipes with no or low sugars.

Just grab your apron and we'll provide the rest. Each person will take home a jar to start your collection.

All equipment, utensils, and spices will be provided as well as canning jars and lids. Each participant will have hands-on experience and go home with a share of the completed jars.

Your instructors are Certified Master Preservers and follow USDA regulations

Other Food Preservation Workshops in this series will include: Steam Juicing, Dehydrating, and more.

Space is limited, so register early! And, don't forget your apron.

Registration Fee: $30 pp -- Please send your check payable to Organic Edibles

7121 W. Craig Rd, #113-152, Las Vegas, NV 89129 or pay via PayPal

For more information, contact: Marilyn 604-3165

Pears Anyone? by Elizabeth Kay

So, we've accidentally come across a farmer that sells Bartlett pears in bulk - I've never really thought about pears, but someone jumped at the chance to order when I mentioned it to them, so I thought I'd check and see if people would be interested in an order. The pears are Bartlett, they come from California, and I believe they come in 22-24 pound boxes. They would be around $16 each, I think. I'm getting a firmer price from him right now, but I just wanted to see if there was interest in this sort of order. I'm not guaranteeing anything just yet - just seeing how many orders we might be able to come up with. Let me know if you are interested and about how many boxes you would want.


Elizabeth Kay [poohnda(at)hotmail(dot)com]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Master Food Preserver Class - September 1 & 2

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Call 1-702-257-5509 to enroll, class size is limited to 24 attendees so enroll early!

If this class is full, keep checking back for more class dates, or click here for classes and presentations in other venues!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches by Elizabeth Kay **UPDATED!**

Of course, right after I send out an email, I get word from the farmers in California - they had a late freeze this year, and lost EVERY SINGLE peach.  Ugh!  I was SO looking forward to those peaches.  At least we still have the Utah peaches.  Let me know if you'd like some.

So, no O'Henry peaches.  But, we have the Elbertas.  :)  Such is life on the farm, I guess.


Alright, alright!  Enough already about the peaches!!  You guys are just chomping at the bit for some BIG, fat, juicy peaches, huh?  Well, let me tell you, we've got our first variety ready for ya!! Remember how I told you that I sell two different varieties?  So, let me tell you a little about each and you can tell me what you want.  The first one is the Elberta - this is the one I am taking orders for right now.  These come from Utah, and they are a freestone variety.  They are a large, yellow-fleshed fruit that is known as one of the great canning peaches.  They are $25 for a 20 pound box and will be ready over the next couple of weeks.  They also offer seconds for $18 (which are peaches with blemishes, a couple underripe, etc. - great for jams, purees, and leather!)  Please let me know if you'd like this one.

The other variety I get is an O'Henry peach - they are smaller than the Elbertas, but are so sweet and juicy that I have to offer them too.  They come from California, are also a freestone variety, and have yellow flesh with a pink center.  These are not known as a canning peach, but I have canned them and they retained their shape well, and had great flavor.  Last year, these were 23-25 pound boxes for $17, although I have not heard what their prices are for this year.  I will keep everyone posted on this - their peaches should be ready at the end of August as well.

I do NOT have an organic variety offered for this year - the one that we offered last year did not live up to standards, and since then, I am looking around for an organic farm, but will be trying their peaches before I set up an order.  If any of you have any ideas as far as where to try finding one, let me know.  I'll keep looking too, and hopefully, we'll find one for next year.

This is a GREAT opportunity to be able to preserve some fruit for your food storage.  We've had plenty going on recently to suggest that prices of food might increase.  Our economy is struggling.  Some of us with jobs now may not have jobs later.  Preserving peaches is a great way to feel secure about working on your food storage.  I encourage all of you to try to preserve at least some of your order(I know, I know - I'm pulling out all of my peach recipes, too!) Let me know if you would like a class on preserving peaches - also, let me know if you are willing to teach others.  I will pass on the word, and hopefully, we can work on this together.  

Also, for those of you that have ordered the raw honey for this year and haven't sent your payments, please send a separate check for your honey and your peaches.  Easier for me to keep track. :)  If you can't, don't worry about it.

Any questions?  Let me know.

Elizabeth Kay [poohnda(at)hotmail(dot)com]

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question from Pat

My daughter brought me pounds of tiny grapes from her backyard... I followed the Ball Book's instructions .... cooked for the juice, strained and strained, let sit 2 days in fridge, strained again ...then used the exact measurements..and it never jelled. Now... I would like to ask your readers a question: "The Ball book calls for concord grapes and I used the measurements for backyard grapes. Is that the probable cause of my "failure", i.e., jelly never jelled.?!?"

I re-cooked the jars that I did not add pectin to.... and its not a good result getting too hard! (Turned dark like caramel in a "flash").

Pat M.

p.s.  At the Henderson Farmer's Mkt on Thursday morning, the folks from Central Calif (not the Highland folks) always bring green tomatoes!

Ball Jar and Discovery Kit Coupons!

Post by Janet Knight

Hello everyone,

I have thousands of $1.50 off on Ball Jars and $2.00 off on Discovery Kits that expire Oct 31st.
Please contact me [bear6260(at)juno(dot)com] if you want some of these coupons. All I ask is permission to send your email address to Ball for further coupons, information and recipes.  The grant provided by Ball keeps track of how many people we reach in the community.

So far we have won a couple of the contests YEAH!

In addition if you are hosting a canning party on Aug 13th which is National Canning Day I have great invitations provided by Ball for your use to invite your friends.

If you are planning on giving canning classes, I have extra 1 2 3 Step Canning booklets from Ball on the process.  Don't forget that August is Pickling Month!  Submit your recipes for a chance to win Cash or Market Gift Certificates.

For any of these items please contact me via email bear6260(at)juno(dot)com

Thank you and happy preserving!!