Sunday, December 23, 2012

Juicing with John Kohler

Lose Weight and Get Healthier in the New Year by
Juicing Your Own Vegetables!

When: Saturday, Jan 5
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Where: 6550 Cowboy Trail
(215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV)
(Look for the Cowboy & Address out front and drive thru to the back gardens)

Call Marilyn if you get lost -- 604-31650


Juicing is the easiest way to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in to your diet. Statistically only 11% of Americans eat 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Don’t be a statistic! In this talk you will learn how to increase your fruit and vegetable intake with juicing.

In this talk, John will cover everything you need to know about juicing including:
· The differences between juicing, blending and eating whole produce.
· The benefits that can be obtained by juicing.
· The different types of juicers and their differences.
· The best juicer to purchase.
· The types of produce you should juice.
· The best places in Las Vegas to purchase organic produce for juicing.
· And much more...

John Kohler has been a raw, plant based diet since 1995; he turned to juicing and healthy eating for healing from a life threatening-illness (spinal meningitis) and has enjoyed dynamic health ever since. The focus of his research has beenin the area of obtaining the highest level of health. One of John’s goals is to educate the world about the power of eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. John also owns and manages and is the number one expert on juicers in the world. He is widely sought out and regularly speaks and instructs at many health festivals and events. This is a rare opportunity to hear John speak in person in Las Vegas, most of his teaching now days is done online - John has over 1100 videos on YouTube that teach about raw foods, juicing and gardening, that have been viewed over 11 million times! In his spare time he likes to garden. John shares his gardening tips and teaches you how to grow your own food at

RSVP - Limited Seating

$5 Donation

**Post by Marilyn of Organic Edibles

Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparedness Class #1 - Solar Heating for Home, Cooking & More!

Solar Heating!!

When: Saturday, Jan 26th
Time: 11:00 am
Where: 6550 Cowboy Trail
(215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV)
(Look for the Cowboy & Address out front and drive thru to the back gardens)

Call Marilyn if you get lost -- 604-31650

We will be emphasizing solar thermal applications to heat our homes, food and greenhouses. If you have a solar oven, solar fan or solar water pump please bring it for comparison and discussion. We'll meet for 2 hrs.

Suggested donation is $5.

Post by Marilyn of Organic Edibles

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Order Grass Fed Beef, Lamb & Farm Fresh Eggs

Pre-Order Grass Fed Beef, Lamb & Farm Fresh Eggs
for Your Holiday Dinner!

When: Saturday, December 22nd
Where: 6550 Cowboy Trail
(215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV)
(Look for the Cowboy & Address out front and drive thru to the back gardens)

Call Marilyn if you get lost -- 604-31650

We will be OPEN this Saturday, December 22 to order and pick up your Holiday Grass Fed Beef and Lamb. Get your Farm Fresh Eggs too. We will also have the following greens available. Spinach, Mizuna, Salad Mix, Sweet Turnips, Beautiful Icicle Radishes, French Breakfast Radishes, Chile Peppers, Limited Kale & Collard Greens, Arugula, Pac Choi, and Cilantro


 Pick up direct from Cowboy Trail Farm.

Post by Marilyn of Organic Edibles

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Local Lamb and Beef

Hi Everyone


We are taking orders for more lamb and beef from our partnered rancher in Northern Nevada. Many of you have asked if you can order a 1/4 , 1/2, or full cuts. The answer is YES. But, I'll need to let the rancher know by the end of this month.

We just received our supply of fresh / frozen of both at our Cowboy Trail Farm. We have received all the various cuts such as lamb chops, ground lamb, breakfast sausage, roasts, beef steaks, roasts, and ribs, and ground beef.

Call us before you head out to purchase so we can pull and reserve the cuts you request. All packages are in one pound increments, except for the roasts. The costs will vary and I will quote you when you call to reserve you order. Average costs are $8 / $10 per pound and up.

If you prefer to order a 1/4 of the beef or lamb, you will save more.

Call me to reserve your order or if you have any questions.


Marilyn / Cowboy Trail Farms

e-mail me at organicedibles(at)gmail(dot)com

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Orders!

The Washington apples have been accepting orders for their apples. Order info for those who forgot:

Apples in a Seed Farms offers 3 different kinds of apples: Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, and Fuji. They come in 40 pound boxes and are "field run" apples, meaning they are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and/or may have other small defects. They are washed and cleaned, and are the same apples you've gotten previously. You will be notified by email when and where to pickup your order. Golden Delicious and Fuji apples are $27.50 a box. Honey Crisp apples are $32.50 a box. The Golden Delicious and Honeycrisps are generally delivered within the first 2 weeks of October; the Fujis are in December. You MUST get your order in today for the Honeycrisp and Goldens. The Fujis deadline is November 21, but I'd recommend signing up sooner than later as they can sell out before then...go to to order!

As far as New Harmony apples go, we've been researching about a bulk order through some of the apple farmers here, but so far, we haven't been able to find someone able to handle the amount of boxes we'd be ordering. BUT, the good news IS anyone can come and pick up their own box at the NEW HARMONY APPLE FESTIVAL on October 13 - the festival starts at 10 am, and will have lots to see, showcasing the local farmers' apples by the box, and apple cider to boot! Since New Harmony is only a couple of hours away from you Vegasites, I thought I'd share the news and give you the chance to try out some of Utah's finest apples! There IS an organic apple farmer that sells apples in a box for you, but he will not be at the festival - you can travel a short distance to his farm to pickup. :)

I also have one 5 gallon bucket of the raw honey from Wyoming, very light and sweet. It is the same honey as the one-gallon buckets, but for someone who might go through honey a bit quicker - THIS IS NOT THE DARK HONEY THAT WE SOLD EARLIER IN THE YEAR. Please let me know if you are interested. It is 5 gallons, which means it's roughly 62 pounds, and is $150. Let me know if you'd like us to bring it down for you.

I think that's it for now! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Monday, August 27, 2012


Everyone keeps asking me if we are doing the pear order again this year - I'm excited to say we are! They come in roughly 27 - 29 pound boxes. They are $25 each, and Las Vegas delivery is scheduled for September 15th, set tentatively for 7pm at Mountain Crest Park. If you are interested in pears, but do not live in Las Vegas Valley, please email me for your delivery schedule. Get your moneys into me asap as I have to pay in advance for the order. I will take orders until September 11th, so HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Thursday, August 9, 2012

FARM-TO-TABLE Dinner Event with Chef Jenn Ryan

Post and Pictures by Marliyn

Join us for our First FARM-TO-TABLE Dinner with Chef Jenn Ryan, one of the best Raw Vegan Chefs in Las Vegas. She will be creating an amazing 3-course dinner using our freshly harvested organic veggies direct from our Farm.

Family-style appetizers, an entree + side dish, and a slice of pie for dessert make up the menu for this one-of-a-kind local event! Specialty drinks included.

Tickets are only $40 per person We accept cash, check, Visa, M/C, Paypal

To Purchase - Please go to or email to buy a ticket and reserve your seat. You may also visit Cowboy Trail Farm every Saturday morning from 8:30 AM until Noon and purchase your tickets at our Farm.

Seating is Limited -- RSVP today! *Please note that no tickets will be sold after Friday, August 24th or at the actual event.

A portion of ticket sales will benefit 2 local charitable organizations: Child Focus and All Fur Love Animal Society.

Questions? Email Marilyn at organicedibles(at)gmail(dot)com.

Peaches Order!!

This year, we will be offering Leed's Elberta Peaches again (same farmer as last year). Elberta peaches won the title for the "best canning peach" because of their skins slipping right off after blanching(and it really is easy, I was amazed). They are a delicious, juicy "peachy" flavor, and generally speaking, they are BIG sized peaches. One 20 pound box is $25. I realize that this is a bit on the pricey side, but you do get what you pay for. A nice sized, juicy, peach! And remember that this family is using organic pesticides on their trees (and nothing is sprayed on any of their other produce). We love supporting farmers making great choices! Oh, delivery is tentatively set for August 25th at the Mountain Crest Park. If you live in a different area, but would still like to participate, please let me know as we are trying to set up pickup points for different areas, and will let you know if there is a closer pickup to you. If you would like to volunteer to be a pickup for your area, that would be great! I would love someone from Henderson, Summerlin, SW area, Southern Highlands, and maybe North Las Vegas. Email me for address to send payments to.

As most of you remember, last year, the O'Henry peaches were killed in a late frost. I have even more bad news - this year, the farm has decided to no longer sell peaches. We lost that contact. Herein lies our dilemma. We LOVE our O'Henry peaches. We searched out a new farm in California that sells them, and we found one. But, our order needs to be at least 200 boxes for us to be able to do it. So, if you are interested in these peaches, please let me know how many you will be buying, and we'll see if we can make the order - and SPREAD THE WORD. :) They will be $20 for a 20 pound box. O'Henry's are described as having a nectarine-like taste. But, I would describe them as being ULTRA-sweet, and delicious to eat fresh. I LOVE them! They work great in canning, but my favorite way to preserve them is to freeze them. You don't have to add any sugar, because they are already so sweet. Now they don't come in super big sizes like the Leeds peaches do, but they come in a mix of sizes from small to big. If we get enough interest in the O'Henrys, we'll place the order and get it going for around the first week in September.

Let me know which ones you are interested in.

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honey Order! (Peaches soon)

k, our honey order is on! We have spoken to our honey man, and we will be picking up the honey around the 1st week of September, unless our order is a smaller order, in which case it may be delivered later in the month of September. What we normally do is pickup the honey, and then bring it down with our next order (which will be peaches, most likely). So, we are collecting moneys now until the 1 of September (call me if you receive this info later than this date, and I'll see what I can do).

Now, this honey is from Wyoming, and it is deliciously light and sweet, and RAW. If it is not in solid form when you get it, it WILL solidify soon after. I recommend moving it into smaller containers unless you use honey all of the time, and do not mind it's solid state. For our family, I move it into the large-mouth pint jars because I like the small glass containers that you can heat up if you want (without heating ALL of it), and the straight necks allow you to take advantage of EVERY LAST YUMMY bit. :)

They come in 1 gallon, food-grade plastic buckets, and are $31 each. Let me know how much you'd like, and send your money as quickly as possible (email me for address)

Please pass this on to anyone that might be interested, as we'd like to get as big an order as possible, so we can be on the first shipment! :)

I'll be sending on info about peaches soon, so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network poohnda(at)hotmail(dot)com

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tomatoes Update!

If you are placing an order for tomatoes, or are taking orders for a group of people, please take note that our delivery date has been changed to one week ahead of schedule - the farmer expressed concerns about the heat lowering the quality of the tomatoes, and wanted to make sure everyone got good quality tomatoes, so instead of delivery on August 4, we will be delivering on July 28th, next Saturday. I know that there will be schedule conflicts, and I'm sorry. As it is for us, Josh will have to request off work to do it, so we're not so thrilled ourselves about it, but what can you do. Harvest time is NOT always convenient, and it seems that it is NEVER predictable. :) So, wrap up your orders and get them to me asap. If any of you have ordered and made payments, but cannot arrange for a pickup on the new delivery date, let me know, I will refund your money. Any questions? Oh, time is still unconfirmed because, our pickup time depends on our order total - if it's bigger, it takes longer for them to pick it. We are hoping for no later than early afternoon. I'll try to firm up a time within the next few days after I get a rough order count.

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomato Order!

Hey, guys - thanks for being so patient with us this summer - we've had lots to do on the farm! So, here are some orders coming up...

This month, we'd like to do a tomato order again - We'll say the money needs to be in by the 31st. The day of delivery will be sometime that week; we need to see how many orders we get before we firm up the time and date. The tomatoes are 20 lb. boxes, and the tomatoes are NOT sprayed with any pesticides - the boxes are $20 each. They are wonderful tomatoes, and the great thing about it this year (as opposed to last year) is that the farmer will be picking them EARLY in the morning so they maintain better quality and will travel better. You can also specify if you want your box of all ripened tomatoes, most ripened and some under, or all slightly underripe. This will help if you don't plan on canning them right away or if you wanted to eat some now and some later. We're thinking that delivery will be that Saturday morning, but we just have to confirm with the farm, otherwise it might be the Friday instead. We'll keep you posted, though. Please send in your orders to me asap; send money to Elizabeth Kay, 951 South 3500 East, New Harmony, Utah 84757.

Peach orders are coming up in August, and honey will be around August/September as well, so keep checking your emails! Also, how did everyone like the pears last year? Should we do the order again? Please let me know if you are interested...

Any questions? Shoot me an email! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Time to Order Your Fruit Trees!

Picture and Post by Marilyn

This is our 3rd year to place our fruit tree order with Dave Wilson Nursery. All fruit trees have been tested to grow in our desert climate thru the University's Orchard.

If you are interested in placing an order, please send me an e-mail and I will forward the list of fruit trees available with pricing.

They are delivered bare root (no soil ) and are delivered in January / February for Spring planting. Pick up is at our Cowboy Trail Farm.


If you would like to see what many of the fruit trees look like, visit our Farm this Saturday.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cowboy Trail 215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV. Look for the Cowboy out front with address - Drive thru to the backyard gardens

Marilyn 604-3165 or e-mail me at organicedibles(at)gmail(dot)com

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cowboy Trail Organic Farm - Open House!

Picture and Post by Marilyn

We are Celebrating our 2nd Annual Open House Tour!

If you haven't visited our Farm as yet (or lately), come out and see all the changes. And, view all the beautiful garden beds with our Summer veggies, herbs, and fruit.

We've been working hard to continue to bring fresh, local, and organic food to all of you. We've been blessed with a few great volunteers who help us too.

So, come out and join us!

We'll have a great variety of veggies available to buy. Bring a cooler bag.

Hours : 8:30am - noon

Cowboy Trail 215 frwy; exit Jones; North to Mello, Rt to Bradley, Rt to Ano to 6550 Cowboy Trl, Las Vegas, NV.  Look for the Cowboy out front with address - Drive thru to the backyard gardens
Call Marilyn if you get lost -- 604-31650

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dark Honey Order

Post by Elizabeth Kay

Hey, guys, just came across a gentleman that sells raw honey up in Salt Lake City(his farm is in Morgan) - he normally sells the light honey to his customers and keeps his darker honey for himself, but he has to replace some of his bee equipment and has to sell some of his last year's stash to help recoup some of his costs. He is offering 50 pound buckets of honey for $125(comes in a 4.5 gallon bucket).

Just a bit of info for ya on the matter -

I have NOT ordered from him before.

Some of his buckets are solid, some are not - this is because he had a customer ask to warm hers up to a pourable consistency which he did (warmed up to 105 degrees for 3 days to warm through), and then she didn't ever come to collect her buckets. If you want solid or you want pourable, we can open the bucket to check and see. He does screen for loose material(aka bees), but he does not process or pasteurize the honey in any way.

Dark honey has a more robust flavor than light. Some people might not like the taste. But, dark honey is better when you want to target your allergies. This is also great honey for ulcers. A blurp from a honey organization describes, "While it is not an indicator of honey quality and there are exceptions to the rule, generally speaking, the darker color the honey, the higher its mineral contents, the pH readings, and the aroma/flavor levels. Minerals such as potassium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, manganese, magnesium, and sodium have been found to be much higher in darker honeys." Remember that both honeys are better than pasteurized honey. Because darker honey has these properties/minerals in higher concentration than light, most of the time, it ends up being more expensive than light. That's why this is such a great deal.

This will most likely be a one time order. This is because he doesn't normally sell his dark honey. I might order his light colored honey in the fall, but I'm not sure yet. We're taking this one step at a time. :)

If you want a bucket, please let me know asap. I will NOT be able to front your money, BUT the farmer is letting us take as many as are ordered, and I can send him the money as I get it. SO, just let me know what you want, and send me your money asap.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Transplant Sale!

by Marilyn of Organic Edibles

When: Saturday, May 12

Time: 9am til noon

Where: Cowboy Trail Farm
6550 Cowboy Trail
NW - off 215 & Bradley
Las Vegas, NV (map)
Look for the "Cowboy Shadow" and DRIVE THRU to the backyard gardens

We have a variety of transplants ready to be planted in your home gardens. Come early and get your first choice.

Here's the list of what will be ready for Sale --

* Several varieties of tomatoes
* Broccoli
* Sweet Peppers
* Medium and Hot Peppers
* Herbs
* Cucumbers
* Squash

NOTE : We will continue to have transplants available as they are ready

Contact Marilyn for more info (702) 604-3165

Friday, April 20, 2012

Build a Greener (PopUp) Block Party!

This is going to be an amazing Event!

For the weekend of April 28th & 29th, a Group of Community Volunteers, including Cowboy Trail Farm/Organic Edibles, are taking over a run down, depressed block on Main Street (right off of Charleston where the Attic used to be) and we're creating a pop up community full of art, music, food, wellness, and more. This EVENT is to bring the community together It's like nothing Vegas has ever seen.

Come and check it out. Here's a link to find out more --


Hours of the Event: Saturday - 10am til 11pm  & Sunday - 10am til 4pm


Upcoming Canning Classes!

photo by Ball

Interested in learning how to can fresh fruits and vegetables for the winter months? I am a Cerified Master Food Preserver and will be teaching classes this Spring and Summer. If interested please call Michelle at (702) 326-9611

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Transplant Sale

by Marilyn of Organic Edibles

When: Saturday, April 21

Time: 9am til noon

Where: Cowboy Trail Farm
6550 Cowboy Trail
NW - off 215 & Bradley
Las Vegas, NV (map)
Look for the "Cowboy Shadow" and DRIVE THRU to the backyard gardens

We have a variety of transplants ready to be planted in your home gardens. Come early and get your first choice.

Here's the list of what will be ready for Sale --

* Several varieties of tomatoes
* Broccoli
* Sweet Peppers
* Medium and Hot Peppers
* Herbs
* Cucumbers
* Squash

NOTE : We will continue to have transplants available as they are ready

Contact Marilyn for more info (702) 604-3165

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Global Sun Oven Group Buy Program

Post by Elizabeth, Photo by Sun Oven

I know we are in the middle of an order, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity as I've been waiting for an excellent deal on this specifically for I thought I'd pass this along and see if we have enough people to order. We need at least 5 orders. I'm one. So, I need 4 more. Don't feel pressured though, just look at the attachment and tell me if you'd like one too. Things to think about.

Sun Ovens are excellent in the desert. :)
Shipping cost is normally $30-$35 dollars each oven; it is free right now.
Accessories normally 70% more.

Sun Oven offers demonstrations to help you get started. I think this is an excellent way to expand your skills, and if you used your sun oven to replace one meal a week, you'd save money on your bills! :) Learning to live on less is part of being self-reliant! So, tell me what YOU think! No pressure... :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Monday, April 2, 2012

Strawberries are coming!!

Hey, guys! Have you been eagerly anticipating the news of this year's strawberries?? Well, we've heard from the farmers!! We'll be getting them on Saturday April 21st between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. They will be freshly picked (fully ripened) that morning and will need to be picked up that evening at Mountain Crest Park on the corner of Durango and Lone Mountain (just down the street from our old pickup location). For those of you who live outside of Vegas, we will have them available for pickup the next morning in New Harmony, Utah at 951 South 3500 East, or if it's not too late, we can arrange a pickup in St. George later that evening. Please be prompt in pickup - I know that delivery times can fluctuate, but we will try to keep everyone up to date on progress. If anyone would like to volunteer to pickup strawberries for a different location in the valley, I know that there are plenty of us trying to save on gas money. Let me know you are interested and your location, and I'll connect you with others in that location. Likewise, if you are in a different part of the valley and would like to participate in a group pickup, let me know as well.

Money needs to be received by me before April 16th. Cost is $15 a flat, 12 overloaded pints in a flat! :) Last year, we ordered a lot of extra cases - we will not have extra this time around so make sure you order as much as you want beforehand!

So - info needed for me. Send me an email with your name, your order, your location, and how you'd like to be contacted the day of delivery for updates. Then, send your payment to me ASAP to Elizabeth Kay 951 South 3500 East, New Harmony, Utah 84757.

And lastly, anyone that ordered Tattler Lids will receive them with their pickups; if you do not order strawberries, then I'll keep you updated when we receive so we can make arrangements for a meetup.

Whew - That's it for now...mmm... I can taste them already! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network
(Vegas Area Code) 219(dash)6700

Friday, February 3, 2012

Asparagus & Sweet Carrots - Cowboy Trail Farm!!


More fresh and local veggies and herbs to be available THIS SPRING!!  I will post about them as I hear from Marilyn :)

Contact Marilyn for more info (702) 604-3165

Monday, January 30, 2012

Veggie Market at Cowboy Trail Farm - Now Open!!

Post and Picture by Marilyn at Organic Edibles


When:  Saturdays 10:00 to Noon

Where: Cowboy Trail Farm (6550 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV)
Look for flags and drive thru to the backyard -- we are the 2nd house on the right at the end of Ano St & Cowboy Trail


Friday, January 27, 2012

Want Fresh & Local Veggies for only $20 a Week? - Join CSA!!

Post and Pictures by Marilyn at Organic Edibles

WHAT'S A CSA ? Answer : Community Supported Agriculture
WHEN: Saturdays at 9:00 AM
WHERE:  Cowboy Trail Farm (6550 Cowboy Trail, Las Vegas, NV)
Look for flags and drive thru to the backyard -- we are the 2nd house on the right at the end of Ano St & Cowboy Trail


LEARN MORE -- As a subscriber, you will be supporting our Farm and partnered Farms so we can continue to buy more seeds, tools, etc, and to keep providing all of you with fresh, organic Food. 

You will receive a "basket" of our fresh local veggies, herbs, and other goodies to enjoy every week OR every other week. Our baskets will include ONLY LOCAL ORGANIC produce. Each basket will feed a family of 2 to 4 people. It may include zucchini, cucumbers, greens, herbs, and more . The variety of produce will change every week; depending on the Season and what is ready to harvest.

Join our CSA -- you'll LOVE FRESH!

I want to thank all of you who have volunteered your precious time to help at our Farm and supported us to continue our efforts to bring our "Community Together thru FOOD" and to share what we Grow to those in need as well.

If you have problems or questions, contact Marilyn at organicedibles@gmailcom

Monday, January 23, 2012

Upcoming Bulk Food Orders by Elizabeth Kay

First - orders - our next REGULAR order is the fresh strawberries again in April. From now until then is completely open, so I'm welcoming any ideas for items you need in your storage - it can be freeze-dried foods, freeze-dried meals, herbs/spices, grains, beans, etc., or we can look into bulk ordering for something bigger like a sun oven, pressure canners, wheat grinders, etc. Or we can stock up on some medical supplies. Really, you can throw anything out there that you're interested in, and I'll find out if it's worth it to do a bulk order with it or not.

Meanwhile, I do still have some things from leftover orders so let me know if you are interested in any of the following:
  • Raw Honey from Wyoming - 1 gallon (around 12 pounds) - $30 each (I only have 2 left so hurry fast)
  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 50 pound bags - $50 each, 5 gallon buckets - $23 each or $2 a pound 
  • Metal Bung Wrenches for 55 gallon water barrels(will not break or warp from the heat) - $12 each
  • I Dare You to Eat It book - $8 each Redmond Clay - 6 pounds (1 gallon bucket) - $50
  • and maybe some fresh free-range eggs from the farm while you're at it - and don't be surprised when they come in different shapes and colors - apparently that's what real eggs look like! $3 a dozen. :)
Also, zaycon foods is offering Alaskan salmon, cod, and white shrimp in bulk right now if you are interested -

And food storage geek is doing an order for natural beef (by the cow), and for coconut oil(if you are interested in learning about the REAL benefits of coconut oil, let me know, and I'll do a post about it. email me for more info on these orders...

I know I've been a bit sporadic regarding my blog, but I'm getting better - instead of having to look it up, you can sign up for updates, and that way it will be sent to your email whenever I update it. My blog is

We've had some people ask us lately if we offer training for emergency preparedness/self-reliance representatives, and good news! We do! Let us know if you are having trouble getting started or need some ideas to get everyone thinking and excited instead of overwhelmed. We'd be glad to help! Is there any else I can do for you right now? I will be starting a preparedness/reliance series on my blog soon, so stay tuned for this!

Hope everything is going well for everyone. Hang in there, and remember - self reliance is the KEY to free agency...

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

Saturday, January 7, 2012

FREE Food Preservation Class (and gardening classes too!)

Acacia Demonstration Gardens

Here is a FREE Food Preservation class on May 5th at the Acacia Demonstration Gardens (50 Casa Del Fuego Street, Henderson, NV).
  • Food Preservation - Your garden has been bountiful and you have given away all that your friends and neighbors can use.  What do you do now? Learn how to preserve what your garden has grown in a way that you can enjoy for months to come.
Here are some other great gardening classes (from March to June) that will help you grow things to preserve!
  • Landscape Design with Native Plants in Mind
  • Growing Vegetables in the Las Vegas Valley
  • Companion Planting
  • Gardening in Small Places
  • Why Don't Things Grow Here?
  • Indoor Plant Care
You can register (starting today!!)  for all classes at