Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomato Order!

Hey, guys - thanks for being so patient with us this summer - we've had lots to do on the farm! So, here are some orders coming up...

This month, we'd like to do a tomato order again - We'll say the money needs to be in by the 31st. The day of delivery will be sometime that week; we need to see how many orders we get before we firm up the time and date. The tomatoes are 20 lb. boxes, and the tomatoes are NOT sprayed with any pesticides - the boxes are $20 each. They are wonderful tomatoes, and the great thing about it this year (as opposed to last year) is that the farmer will be picking them EARLY in the morning so they maintain better quality and will travel better. You can also specify if you want your box of all ripened tomatoes, most ripened and some under, or all slightly underripe. This will help if you don't plan on canning them right away or if you wanted to eat some now and some later. We're thinking that delivery will be that Saturday morning, but we just have to confirm with the farm, otherwise it might be the Friday instead. We'll keep you posted, though. Please send in your orders to me asap; send money to Elizabeth Kay, 951 South 3500 East, New Harmony, Utah 84757.

Peach orders are coming up in August, and honey will be around August/September as well, so keep checking your emails! Also, how did everyone like the pears last year? Should we do the order again? Please let me know if you are interested...

Any questions? Shoot me an email! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

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