Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tomatoes Update!

If you are placing an order for tomatoes, or are taking orders for a group of people, please take note that our delivery date has been changed to one week ahead of schedule - the farmer expressed concerns about the heat lowering the quality of the tomatoes, and wanted to make sure everyone got good quality tomatoes, so instead of delivery on August 4, we will be delivering on July 28th, next Saturday. I know that there will be schedule conflicts, and I'm sorry. As it is for us, Josh will have to request off work to do it, so we're not so thrilled ourselves about it, but what can you do. Harvest time is NOT always convenient, and it seems that it is NEVER predictable. :) So, wrap up your orders and get them to me asap. If any of you have ordered and made payments, but cannot arrange for a pickup on the new delivery date, let me know, I will refund your money. Any questions? Oh, time is still unconfirmed because, our pickup time depends on our order total - if it's bigger, it takes longer for them to pick it. We are hoping for no later than early afternoon. I'll try to firm up a time within the next few days after I get a rough order count.

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

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