Thursday, April 12, 2012

Global Sun Oven Group Buy Program

Post by Elizabeth, Photo by Sun Oven

I know we are in the middle of an order, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity as I've been waiting for an excellent deal on this specifically for I thought I'd pass this along and see if we have enough people to order. We need at least 5 orders. I'm one. So, I need 4 more. Don't feel pressured though, just look at the attachment and tell me if you'd like one too. Things to think about.

Sun Ovens are excellent in the desert. :)
Shipping cost is normally $30-$35 dollars each oven; it is free right now.
Accessories normally 70% more.

Sun Oven offers demonstrations to help you get started. I think this is an excellent way to expand your skills, and if you used your sun oven to replace one meal a week, you'd save money on your bills! :) Learning to live on less is part of being self-reliant! So, tell me what YOU think! No pressure... :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

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