Monday, September 26, 2011

Meat Source by Elizabeth Kay

Post by Elizabeth Kay

Last year, I started buying my beef from some ranches that I felt fed their cattle the way I wanted, and I liked knowing my food was fresher - I also appreciated the challenge of utilizing a cow better, rather than being a type of person that uses only a few select cuts. Anyways, I enjoyed my experience so much, but have had a challenge of finding a similar avenue for chicken. Plus, I don't have a big enough freezer yet. :) But, because of this, I've always just bought organic chicken -- WAY expensive, but I just tried to figure out how to cheapen everything else to make this work. But, I just came across this neat business - it's kind of like what we do, but it's with meat! They offer one special per month, and they have locations all over, including Las Vegas, and all over Utah! The only catch is, you buy in bulk, just like our orders. So, I decided to sign on and see what kinds of things I come across. This month is bacon - it sounds delicious, but I KNOW I won't use that much bacon, so I'm trying to see if any of my family members are interested. I thought I'd pass this interesting idea on, in case some of you were interested in the same thing. Sounds interesting, we'll see. I've heard that they have great high quality stuff, but we'll see. It's on my list to try it! :) If you are interested, click on this link (or cut and paste), and it will take you to it. When you go to it, if they ask for a referral, will you put in my code? It's: self-reliant network. Please don't feel pressured to go sign up, i know this isn't everyone's type of thing, it was just a thought.

Also, if you are interested in beef/meat orders, let me know - there are a few people in the valley that coordinate orders for bulk beef, and I'll forward you the info! :)

Elizabeth Kay, Self-reliant Network

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