Sunday, May 8, 2011

Using a Food Saver to Lengthen Shelf Life of Foods

Thinking of Sheila, and her post on dehydrating, I remembered this video I saw by Wendy Dewitt.  She lengthens the life of her shelf stable foods by using the Food Saver.

I bought a used Food Saver on Craigslist and saved over 50%. The Jar Sealers (not sold with the original unit) can be bought at Bass Pro Shops.  I have not found another store in Nevada that sells the Jar Sealers, so if you know of any please list them in the comments.  There are other brands that are compatible with Food Saver's Jar Sealers such as Seal a Meal, just make sure it has an accessory port with tubing.
My Food Saver (Click to Enlarge)

The Food Saver is NOT a substitute for Wet Bath Canning or Pressure Canning.  Using the Jar Sealer, It is meant to increase the shelf life of things such as nuts, uncooked rice, granola, uncooked pasta, dehydrated foods, etc.

To watch Wendy's entire presentation on food storage click here.

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